Why are our trainings creative?

We create exciting workshops where we all interact and work together on memorable presentations,

Prime focus – audience connection!

What do we communicate?

Clear non -verbal movements, simple concrete language,   powerful   key messages.

Prime focus – clarity of content for diverse audiences

How do we coach?

Group activities which include energetic and fun  role plays,   to underline the key message.,

Prime focus  –  powerful, memorable  presentations.

Who are we and how can we help you?

 IN our workshops you  will discover  your  individual  strengths and how to use your  personal stories.  These are great connectors for  you and your audience..  
 Role play,  impro exercises  are essential tools  for you  to enjoy  in our  sessions.

Want to join us?  Enrol in our seminars and discover the secrets of  MEGA presentations!

Creative Communication Coaches is a network of professional Multilanguage speaking (English, Czech ,German, Dutch) trainers with different backgrounds, talents and skills . But they all have in common the love to work with people and to focus that you become a confident speaker and communicator using and showing your own real personality.


“In our own communication we develop a positive approach, self confidence and an ability to listen and learn from each other. This is an important part of our seminars and underpins the creative aspect of our work.“


We encourage you to examine only and evaluate the basics of outstanding communication. Your professional expertise will be a key component for improving presentation skills including:

  •  First impressions – non-verbal communications which promote or detract from the company’s success profile.
  •  Verbal communications which create a positive culture in meetings, face to face with clients, efficient telephone and internet use in the workplace.
  •  Negotiation skills – explanation and practise in how to progress from conflict to win-win.
  •  Confidence and Credibility in personal and public communication. The essential factors for building different personalities into a team who will promote company success.


Andreas Fehrens

Andreas Fehrens

I am an explorer – I love taking chances and making meaningful connections in my professional life as owner of sales companies, I have been a passionate entrepreneur since my student days. I joined a professional speaking club and have achieved the highest communication level Advanced Communication Gold and wona speaking competitions . I make Creative Communication Coaching a priority – it simply makes the world a richer place for me, my friends, wonderful kids and YOU to thrive.“

I am always fascinated by the importance of non-verbal communication.
Your own authentic presence, confidence and respect in dealing with your partners will make you successful in communication- presentation -sales.

Lenka Dvořáková

Lenka Dvořáková

Lenka Dvorakova is a public speaker, coach and trainer and founder of publicspeaking.cz platform. In her training programs she helps non-native speakers develop the skills necessary to deliver presentations in English – and even enjoy it!

During the years she spent in diplomacy, working as an EU negotiator in the UN, and in a top managerial position in academia, she had the opportunity to listen to some wonderful speakers – and also sat through hours and hours of boring speeches. While speaking in public in any language (she speaks five languages besides her native Czech) came naturally to her, she realized that not everyone feels the same.

Then she set herself a new mission – to prove that anyone can learn how to present in English, whatever their initial public speaking OR English skills.

Priti Coles

Priti Coles

Voice expert Priti Coles´ high-powered communication training is based on profound stage performance know-how. More than 20 years as an opera-soloist and actress throughout Europe led to her work as corporate coach, voice trainer, speaker and owner of ClearVoiceCoaching. Her stage career with renowned companies such as Hamburg State Opera, Netherlands National Opera, English National Opera, Opera Comique and BBC Symphony Orchestra was preceded by acting studies in London – B.A.Performing Arts Middlesex University and voice training at Amsterdam Conservatorium. International Business Communication training for major companies and many years experience in the areas of personal-development and mindfulness also enhance her work. Priti has offices in Amsterdam and Vienna and works as a coach within major companies. She is a voice pedagogue at Vienna Conservatorium and is an accredited trainer at WU-Vienna University of Economics and Business. http://www.clearvoicecoaching.com/


The seminars have 3 components which give everyone immediate practice in creative communication:

  1. Each seminar looks at how to communicate successfully and gives you the chance of putting theory into practice.
  2. All participants deliver mini presentations which are evaluated by the group and enjoy team building games.
  3. The finale is a Master Class session where everyone consolidates skills learned and evaluates each other’s progress

Welcome to our next session this time on the 22nd of October, in the center of Prague Smart place Krizovatka Václavské nám. 806/62 Prague 1
starting at 10 am with coffee, tea and breakfast.

PowerPoint presentations are a worldwide standard. Everywhere used as it seems an easy tool to make your presentation visual. But how to avoid that your PowerPoint presentation becomes an obstacle for you and your speech. Tips and tricks how to build your PowerPoint into your speech.

We all have individual strengths and experiences and now’s the time to find, remember and use them.
We meet every second week for a series of workshops dedicated to our Public Speaking skills. Just two hours, focusing always on one specific topic and practice the basics for our successful presentation with fun games , group work and interaction. We will develop and train our communication skills to form our personality and to become a confident speaker in our personal and our business life.

For the following meetings still new topics are on the agenda:

-The secret of perfect selling 12.11
-Moderation Technics and methods 23.12
-Communication killers not yet fixed
-Spontaneous speech tips not yet fixed

your hosts – Julia consul Prague Professional Networking and CEO at FairPeople and -Andreas entrepreneur-active salesman-and creative Communication coach.

Julia Kuzauleva & Andreas Fehrens
Apply what you learn!

Present Yourself!

Wed 21 Oct 2015 19:00 – 21:30
LA LOCA at Mosaic House
Odborů 278/4, Prague 2

Nightmare or dream?

Is the following a nightmare or a dream for you?
…standing in the spotlight and talking to an audience….

You just started a new job and have to introduce yourself to your new colleagues on the Friday Company meeting.

Your new club wants you to give your first speech to all members.

You are invited to an international event to speak and represent your company.

Presenting yourself and giving a speech in front of others is for many people a scary situation. In our seminar we will learn how to use your personal presence and personality to connect with your audience.
In this two hour workshop Andreas Fehrens, entrepreneur, Toastmaster and Creative Communication Coach will share ideas, tips and skills on how to become a confident presenter –using groupwork, games and short spontaneous talks.


  • Akvrzan advokátní kancelář/ Prague
  • Novum Group  /Prague
  • Ueltzhöffer Balada, advokátní kancelář / Prague
  • Uniqueconsult / Prague
  • Vienna International  Hotel Group/ Prague
  • CSI Leasing/ Prague– Officeline Boue / Prague
  • Ölmühle Magdeburg Germany

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