Organizational Consulting & Mediation -Creative Communication -Coaching

Organizational Consulting

The focus of organizational consulting

 is employee-oriented and characterized by the attitude that the most goal-oriented answers to problematic questions can often be worked out by the employees themselves. We therefore avoid the preparation of “expert opinions” or external “expertise”. Of course, we also provide explicit advice when necessary, but we usually recommend and design a process in which the key knowledge carriers of a company or organization can jointly develop sustainable solutions to burning questions.


Mediation and Conflict Management in Organization

  • Improvement of conflict resilience and conflict structure in companies and organizations
  • Implementation of constructive conflict transformation through mediation or other mechanisms
  • Anchoring of meditative elements in the complaint management of an organization.
  • Introduction of a collegial conflict treatment.
  • Development of guidelines and training for the constructive handling of conflicts
  • Anchoring institutionalized constructive feedback in an organization

Mediation is the intervention of an accepted impartial, neutral third party that has no authoritative power and supports the parties to voluntarily come to their own mutually accepted agreement on the subject matter of the conflict. Ch. Moore

Characteristics of Mediation

  • Voluntary
  • Result open
  • Neutrality and impartiality of the mediator
  • Structuring of the conversation process by the mediator
  • Extensive solution abstinence of the mediator
  • Solution-oriented (short-term, punctual intervention)
  • Objective: concrete agreement

Creative – Communication - Coaching

Receive & exchange information’s, tips and new ideas we can use for our personal or business communication–public talks – audience presentations- sales negotiation – interviews
We talk, network and learn to speak freely before a group, reduce inhibitions with our talents and personality or just meet new people to improve our own creativity and individuality.
We do create creative workshops to link you together with other people to enhance & refine your communication skills
Why are our trainings creative?
You will be personally involved from the first moment and become an active part of the group using humor dynamics and surprising interactions and train to speak confident in front of an audience 
Learn about your personal benefits use your own competence

Bridge building: Connect with your Audience

Train clear non -verbal movements, simple concrete language,   powerful   key messages.
Prime focus – clarity of content for diverse audiences
By powerful, remarkably presentations.

How to improve?

In our sessions, we will discover our individual strengths and how to use our personal stories.  These are great connectors for you and your audience. Role play, Impro exercises are essential tools  for you  to enjoy  in our  sessions.
We develop a positive approach, self -confidence and an ability to listen and learn from each other. This is an important part of our seminars and underpins the creative aspect of our work.
We encourage you to examine only and evaluate the basics of outstanding communication. Your professional expertise will be a key component for improving presentation skills

Our communicator

Andreas Fehrens

Before founding his first sales company in Prague in 1994, he spent many years in international sales. In 2010 he established Creative Communication Coaches, where he offers his expert know-how as an active entrepreneur, moderator ,mediator and communication coach.

Thanks to his intuitive sensitivity for the individual potential of his clients, he supports executives in difficult and sensitive organizational issues and conflicts.

Here every key person shapes the development of an organization and is also responsible for the implementation. Therefore, every constructive idea and suggestion is taken up.
Appreciation of this knowledge strengthens identification and motivation and, in many ways, has only positive consequences.
After graduating from high school in Hamburg and a commercial management education Andreas Fehrens worked for many years in several major international companies before he founded his own company in 1994.
In addition to his entrepreneurial activities, today he also gives courses at the Technical University in Pilsen and recently completed his training as a certified mediator at the Institute Inmedio in Berlin.

PeopleLink public

We do regular  Breakfast meetings in the center of Prague where people from different counties  and nationalities meet, to network and improve their public speaking skill. This entry-level workshop is design for  all those who want to develop professionally and privately, to talk in public or  just meet new people to improve their own creativity and individuality.

Peoplelink business

We offer customized training and education  to companies, organizations, schools and universities. According to your needs  and requirements, we train your team for better internal communication.- to  keep and lead  meetings effective,-  persuasively in your customer conversations.- prepare for public presentations  and talks or -to become a confident moderator.

Communication & Presentation Tips


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