Our international Team located in Prague ,a Psychologist(Australian)& a Mediator ( German)& an Independent Hotel Enthusiast( Dutch) offers                                                                                                                      

Executive Support, Customer Service & Communication Training

Support Group for Executives

The group brings together executives from different companies to share ideas and solutions to problems in the workplace, with the aim of developing new approaches for each individual.

Participation in the group allows members to share and work on their strengths and weaknesses. This allows the forum to discuss current problems faced by each of their organizations. As mutual advisors, each member is encouraged to invite others into their organization for exchange.

The facilitators, Ted and Andreas, bring with them decades of experience working in business, organizations and for the wellbeing of people. The aim is to facilitate the gaining of insight and new perspectives for each individual group member.

How To Get Customers To Want To Come Back?

This workshop enhances customer service for hotels and restaurants. 

How would you handle difficult situations with customers?

– Learn the 3 Smart Ways for handling a difficult customer situation

– Learn the 4 Golden Rules to remember for good services

Aim: To get customers to return, and to get them to bring others along

Chinese Culture Coaching

 How to make the stay of your Asian guests even more enjoyable.

Why do we think that is important?

 The number of guests coming from Asia is currently the highest in total numbers, from all tourists traveling to Europe.

 There seems to be  a gap in understanding the cultural difference, that can be easily trained.

Improving the guest satisfaction in general is good for the business.Understanding Asian guests will become more important in  the coming years to be 

Characteristics of Mediation

  • Voluntary
  • Open results
  • Neutrality and impartiality of the mediator
  • Structuring of the conversation process by the mediator
  • Solution-oriented (short-term, punctual intervention)
  • Concrete agreement objectives

Communication Training Workshop

Learn how to speak with confidence in front of people you just met. This workshop will help you overcome the shyness of making a speech in front of other people. Through the use of fun exercises the facilitator will instruct in the building of bridges to connect with your audience.

Our Team

Andreas Fehrens

Founded his own sales company in Prague in 1994, and spent before  many years in international sales. In 2010 he established Creative Communication Coaches, where he offers his expert know-how as an active entrepreneur, moderator, mediator and communication coach.

Thanks to his intuitive sensitivity for the individual potential of his clients, he supports executives in difficult and sensitive organizational issues and conflicts.

After graduating from high school in Hamburg , he had  a commercial management education. Andreas Fehrens worked for many years in several major international companies 

In addition to his entrepreneurial activities, today he also gives courses at the Technical University in Pilsen and  completed his training as a certified mediator at the Institute Inmedio in Berlin.

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Ted Quan

Before arriving in Prague and working at a medical institute establishing an employee assistance program (EAP), Ted had worked in Australia for over 25 years as a psychologist in clinical and corporate settings, and as lecturer at universities. 

Ted brings to Creative Communication Coaches his life experience and perspectives gained from working in positions spanning from being the most junior staff in customer service, through to management, to serving on the board of major hospitals, and chairing community organisations. Experience has given him added understanding when working with people, as a life coach, in executive coaching, and as a psychologist. 

Speaking at conferences, staff training workshops, dealing with the media and journalist interviews have also been a part of Ted’s incremental learning and skills acquisition. 

An author and co-author of articles in international scientific journals, and a book on mental health. Ted holds postgraduate degrees in psychology from Australian universities, and is interested in increasing people’s quality of life, mental wellness, cognitive behavioural therapy, working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, and in good customer service.


 Nah-Dja Tien

Experienced General Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry. Participated in 5 hotel openings and a further creation of 5 hotels as General Manager with 3 times a number 1 rating on TripAdvisor. Skilled in Catering, Sales, Hospitality Industry, Event Management, and Leisure Industry. Strong operations professional graduated from Hotel Management School Leeuwarden.

Interested to add  to my experience , or learn from big dreamers, start up’s and those who think they can change the hospitality world


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